Lifestyle II

Fun Lifestyle Advertising photographer by Mike Henry located in Los Angeles.  Couple on Bed dancing in natural window light, Wearing sleepwear, sleep wear, pajamas, casual wear for advertisng for a national catalog photographer.  Womens and Mens catalog advertising photographers

Fun Lifestyle Advertising photographer by Mike Henry located in Los Angeles. Couple on Bed dancing in natural window light, Wearing sleepwear, sleep wear, pajamas, casual wear for advertisng for a national catalog photographer. Womens and Mens catalog advertising photographers

Los Angeles advertising photographers. Photographed for national advertisment, print and display advertising as well as out of home. In this photo - couple dancing on bed, in love, having fun, wearing pajamas and sleep wear for lifestyle pharmaceutical Advertising Photographer shot this on location. Lifestyle advertising photographers are hired for pharmaceutical ad's a lot because of the realistic and happy feeling. MIke Henry Photographer is based in Santa Monica, just outside of Los Angeles and also works as a local advertising, catalog, apparel photographer in Dallas, Chicago and San Francisco. Mike's commercial photo work has been featured in many print ad's around the world.

Fun Lifestyle Advertising photographer by Mike Henry located in Los Angeles.  Couple on Bed dancing in natural window light, Wearing sleepwear, sleep wear, pajamas, casual wear for advertisng for a national catalog photographer.  Womens and Mens catalog advertising photographers
Mike Henry Photography a beach, apparel, swim wear, and catalog advertising photographer based out of Los Angeles, California and New York, NY. 
Commercial Lifestyle Advertising photographer Los Angeles, "Juniors catalog photographer" "Juniors photographer" "advertising lifestyle" photographer, Mike Henry photographed this lifestyle Advertising for swimwear and swimsuits catalog for summer lifestyle ad.  Photographer captured fun, playful, happy, kids or teenages in summer clothing, playing under hose with umbrella and spraying water.  Summer clothing catalog for tween or tweens was used as adverting for in store and the companies catalog
kids lifestyle advertising photographer, Mike Henry based in Los Angeles photographed this fun lifestyle shot of this boy or child at the beach laying on sand and laughing in the sun.  Mike Henry photographs many children and kids for advertising / lifestyle mostly in the United States.  Mike's home base is Los Angeles where he is able to take advantage of the area for all his lifestyle photo projects, for adverstising, catalog, lifestyle, fashion and apparel photography shoots.  This boy was shot for a ad campaing for lifestyle and travel company who wanted to depict families, both parents (adults) with children and kids in a lifestyle setting having fun on vacation.  The advertising was used for travel and leisure.
Athletic advertising "lifestyle photographer" Mike Henry shoots sports apparel photography for Nike and Finish Line stores, based in Los Angeles (LA).
Los Angeles "Fashion Photographer" "Advertising Photographer" Mike Henry photographed this womans fashion for a denim and jean company's fall "Lookbook Photography" in LA photo studio.
clothing catalog advertising photographers, photo for advertising, girl with books, smiling, lifestyle fashion photographers, apparel photographer Mike Henry Photo, photographed this image that is fun, in Los Angeles Area.  
Lifestyle Advertising photographer, clean, fun, fresh, Lifestyle by Mike Henry Photographer, los Angeles.  Lifestyle, advertising of couple in relationship, kissing, gift, valentines, for advertsing campaign
Los Angeles Childrens, lifestyle, advertsing, Fashion Photographer, "apparel photographer" catalog photographer Mike Henry show these kids in summer clothing and beachwear for kids catalog in Los Angeles.  Group of kids laughing on beach with palms behind them in the sun.   bohemian style dresses, t-shirts, polo's.  Smiiling and having fun
beauty lifestyle advertising photographer, michael henry, in Los Angeles, chicago and san francisco lifestyle advertising and beauty photographer.  Photographed this photo of girl eating cup cake, cupcake in her pj's or pajamas, underwear and tank top.  Lifestyle beauty photo premise was girl eating sweets, or desert, cookie's in a pretty way.  blond woman was used for the beauty lifestyle adverting photography.  Smiling, young, happy, health.
Michael Henry Photography, lifestyle advertisng photographer in New York and Los Angeles, or NY and LA.  "advertising photographer" and Advertising photographer, photographed this lifestyle picture for an Ad campaing.  Advertisers wanted a fashion lifestyle feel, that was fun and consevative at the same time.  "lifestyle photographers" or fashion lifestyle photographer have the chanllange of making it look real
group of Kids, childrens, fashion apparel photographer los angeles, new york, dallas, mike henry photographed these kids for target in los angeles studio.  kids clothing photo, stuido lighting was made to look like sun light.  Kids were laughing and having fun wearing colorful clothing.  photographer for gap, childrens place, target, gymboree.  Mixed ethnicities, afro american, asian, white, mexican, latin,  
Commercial, lifestyle advertising photographers in Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, photographed this catalog advertising photo for an national print campaign.  Photography of a young couple in love, on a picnic, wrapped in a checkered picnic blanket, laughing, happy, having fun.  Mike Henry Photography shot this advertisement in California.  See Mike Henry's portfolio for other lifestyle advertising and catalog photo's
Kids Advertising Photographer, Mike Henry, Los Angeles Advertising photographer, photographed this kids for Plum Organics kids Advertising lifestyle Photography Campaign - Mike Henry is a, commercial advertising photographer in Los Angeles specializing in natural kids and Children Ad photography
Kids Advertising Photographer, in Los Angeles, California - Mike Henry photography.  Specializing in Kids and Childrens lifestyle Advertising.
Lifestyle - Portrait - Advertising Photographer - Los Angeles
Los Angeles - New York - Advertising Photographer - specializing in Commercial Lifestyle Advertising.  Mike Henry also works local in Dallas, Chicago and San Francisco
Fashion Lifestyle photographer in Los Angeles.  Mike Henry shoots gitty, urban fashion photography for advertising and apparel clients
Fashion apparel photographer - Los Angeles - Mike Henry - photographer for lookbooks and apparel - Mike shot this fun studio fashion photograph against colored background for catalog / lookbook
Urban, Edgy, Gritty, Urban, cool, Fashion apparel photographer Mike Henry, takes pictures for clients similar to Adidas, Converse, K-Swiss, that have a southern california feel and look.  Many of Mike's clients are for advertisng and still campaigns for some of the biggest fashion apparel brands.
Lifestyle Advertising Portrait Photographer - Los Angeles - Mike Henry - Commercial Photographer for Advertising - youth Culture
Los Angeles Juniors Lookbook photographer, Mike Henry Photo, shoots young fun, catalogs and apparel in Los Angeles and New York
Fun Lifestyle Advertising Photographer Los Angeles - Mike Henry Photography - shot this image of African American - black - male eating a cheeseburger with Coke for an advertising photo campaign in the Los Angeles Area
Kids, Children and Baby "Advertising Photographer" and "Kids Advertising PHotographer" based out of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and San Francisco - Mike Henry Photography
"Sports Apparel Photographer" Mike Henry shoots athletic fashion out of Los Angeles (LA) and New York (NY), specializing in recreational apparel photography that is realistic and natural, not staged. Rather than taking a cliche approach to sports fashion photography, Mike Henry utilizes authentic looking talent and recognizable, natural reactions to fun life experiences to create unique, energetic, life-like sports advertising photography.
New - Juniors Fashion lifestyle, Clothing, Sneaker, Tennis Shoe photography for Adidas NEO lable.  Mike shot this campain in the Los Angeles area that had an urban lifestyle photographer style, with fun, playfull images.
Lifestyle advertising photographer Mike Henry shoots urban, young adult life and culture in the Los Angeles (LA) area.
Mike Henry "Lifestyle Photographer" based in Los Angeles (LA) shoots sports and athletic apparel for Nike and Finish Line Stores.  
Urban Fashion Lifestyle Photographer Mike Henry photographs a romantic, flirty, couple on a date in downtown Los Angeles (LA), Chinatown. Based out of Southern California, New York (NY), Dallas, Chicago, and San Francisco Mike Henry is a national commercial life style photographer who shoots edgy, urban, young city life, fashion, and advertising. With an office in Los Angeles, Mike loves to use city, metropolitan, urban areas as the backdrop for his very natural, realistic, authentic, fun, spontaneous photography.