Los Angeles Lifestyle Advertising Photographer - Car and Auto Lifestyle Photography

Los Angeles Lifestyle Advertising Photographer - Car and Auto Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle advertising photographer, specializing in car and auto advertising based in Los Angeles (LA). Mike Henry shoots lifestyle photography for a wide range of advertising clients and agencies, mostly for print ad's. There are a lot of lifestyle advertisng photographers out there, but Mike Henry, based out of Los Angeles has a knack for capturing fun, happy, quirky, spontaneous, and real moments that don't seem set up. His images take place in many locations from the urban, gritty streets of Los Angeles to the rugged mountains. Here you see a Lifestyle photo from a shoot that Mike did just outside of the los angeles area with lifestyle car and auto advertising industry in mind. Inspired by car ad's for vw, jeep, GMC, ford, subaru... Mike tried to keep the images light hearted, real, authentic and caught in the moment, with this couple, in love, having fun in the mountains, next to thier SUV / Truck. Mike has been working as an print advertising photographer in the los angeles area for almost 8 years and in chicago before that. He specializes in lifestyle for the car and auto industry or at least in this photo. Clients like mikes work becuase of it's authenticity, fun, smiling, realistic nature. Here you see a couple, in love, married or dating, in the mountains next to their GMC S.U.V. in the mountains outside of LA. They are hanging out, goofing around and having fun, during a mountain road trip. The red head woman and bearded man are laughing, smiling and having a good time.

Lifestyle Advertising Photographer - Urban - Youth Culture - Mike Henry- Los Angeles.  
Urban lifestyle advertising photographer, Los Angeles (LA), Mike Henry, hip, cool, laughing, girls, partying, fashion apparel photography.
Fashion-Lifestyle-Photographer-Los Angeles-LA-New-York-NY-Portrait-Photographer-Advertising-Apparel-Clothing-Mike-Henry-Fun-Crazy-High-Energy-Lifestyle-Photographer
Los Angeles Lifestyle Advertising Photographer - Car and Auto Lifestyle Photography
Advertising Lifestyle photographer for Automotive and Car Life style advertising - shot this image for a recent Stock Photography story which can be found on Getty Images
Youth Culture - Urban - Lifestyle Photographer - Mike Henry shoots for Xbox advertising campaign
Juniors apparel photographer Los Angeles. Mike Henry photographs juniors and teens catalogue fashion in Southern California, Los Angeles (La), and New York (NY). Lifestyle fashion photography shot on location at the beach, Pacific Ocean. Backlit with natural sunlight. Lifestyle catalog photography of young, active, energetic teens and young adults. Women's apparel catalogue or lookbook photographer.
Advertising Lifestyle Photographer Los Angeles
Fashion Lifestyle Photographer Mike Henry - based in Los Angeles area - specializing in Fashion / Lifestyle - Advertising - Apparel - Editorial.

Beer Advertising Photographer - Commercial Lifestyle Photographer - Los Angeles - Mike Henry - shoots fun, urban, cool, edgy, realistic, lifestyle advertising photography in the LA area.  
Lifestyle Auto Advertising Photographer, Los Angeles.  Mike Henry shoots lifestyle car photography for advertising.
Lifestyle Advertising Photographer - Commercial, fashion lifestyle, Apparel, Catalog, Photographer in Los Angeles and New York - Mike Henry Photography
Los Angeles, lifestyle advertising photographer, Mike Henry shoots Advertising of beach, life and youth culture in the LA area.
Commercial lifestyle Photographer, Mike Henry shot this group of cool, urban, hipster, young adults, parting at the beach, Venice Beach more spacifically, for a lifestyle Photography shoot that has a very "real lifestyle Photography" feel to it
Los Angeles, Urban, Cool, Millenials, Youth Culture in Lifestyle and Advertising Photography.  Mike Henry a Commercial Advertising Photographer based in LA, shoots fun, playful, in the moment, believable life style photo's for clothing, catalog, apparel clients as well as various other ad clients in the Southern California area.
Lifestyle Advertising Photographer - Los Angles - Mike Henry - shoots lifestyle story in the mountains outside of LA -
Mike Henry Urban Fashion / Lifestyle Photographer, based in Los Angeles
Advertising Lifestyle Photographer in Los Angeles (LA). Mike Henry photography, shoots fashion, lifestyle, denim, jeans, apparel, mobile, car and automobile advertising that tells a romantic story about two young adults going on a date in urban Southern California and enjoying a view of the Los Angeles, city scape, sunset, evening sunshine, sun flare.  Mike;s advertising photography also brings him to New York, Chicago, dallas, San Francisco, Europe and Mexico.
"Urban Lifestyle Fashion Photographer" Mike Henry shoots "Adidas Sports Apparel Advertising" in the style of a "Converse and Nike Fashion Advertisement" in the cities of Los Angeles (LA) and New York (NY).
Lifestyle Photographer - Los Angeles - LA - Mike Henry shoots advertising photography in the desert.  
Advertising photographer, Lifestyle photographer, Cell phone and mobile advertising lifestyle advertising - shot by Mike Henry in Los Angeles.  Mike shoots trendy, cool, stylish, edgy, young adults for realistic lifestye advertising campaigns.
"Lifestyle Advertising Photographer" in Los Angeles, Mike Henry shot this photo of a blond girl at the beach in the LA area walking on pier at beach  by the ocean and sand.  

Los Angeles Fashion Lifestyle Photographer based out of LA and New York (NY). Advertising life style photographer for clothing and apparel, Mike Henry shoots unique, unconventional, creative, spontaneous fashion advertising photography in the urban city streets of downtown Los Angeles.
Lifestyle Advertising Photographer - Lifestyle Automotive Photographer - Mike Henry
Fun, young, lifestyle, advertising photography by Mike Henry Los Angeles commercial lifestyle advertising photographer.  Mike Shoots advertising photo's for clothing and apparel brands as well as beer, car, mobile and cell compnaies and works not only as a lifestyle photographer in LA, but also New York, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, and San Francisco
Uban Fashion Photographer by Mike Henry in Los Angeles - Look Books, Clothing and Apparel Branding and fashion lifestyle advertising.
"Group Fashion Advertising Photographer" "Mike Henry Photo" shoots youth, junior, young adult "commercial apparel photography" for an "Adidas fashion advertisement" out of Los Angeles (LA), New York (NY), Dallas, Chicago, and San Francisco. Mike's "urban fashion photography" is shot outdoors, in city streets, against downtown buildings and uses both natural and controlled lighting to achieve a realistic, real-life, authentic appearance, feel, look.
Urban Lifestyle Photographer, Youth Culture, Mike Henry shoots sneakers, urban clothing and apparel, tennis shoes and is based in Los Angeles and New York
Active Lifestyle Photographer - Sportswear & Outerwear Apparel Photographer - Mike Henry based out of Los Angeles shoots Lifestyle advertising photography and Youth Cultlre here in the desert.
More, cool, edgy, hipster, fun, urban, bohemian, lifestyle photography by lifestyle advertising photographer Mike Henry in Los Angeles.  Mike shoots bearded man, playing accoustic guitar in urban trendy, boho, bohemian, loft space or appartment.
"Fashion Lifestyle Photographer" and lifestyle advertising photographer - Mike Henry shoots edgy Levi's, denim and jean advertising in metropolitan downtown Los Angeles (LA). Mike Henry is a versatile lifestyle fashion photographer who shoots apparel, catalog, look book, and print ad photography. This Levis inspired fashion photo, represents the fun, energetic, adventurous side of edgy, urban, youth, teen and young adult culture in LA by showing a young Asian woman in her twenties laughing and enjoying herself as she rides in the backseat of a blue car, classic convertible car.
Lifestyle Advertising Photographer
Gritty, Urban, Lifestyle Advertising Photographer in Los Angeles and New York Mike Henry - Shot this image for a fashion apparel and clothing company. 
Car and Automobile lilfestyle photographer - Mike Henry - shoots desert road trip themed advertising shoot in the desert outside of LA - Here you see to cool, hip, trendy young men, in their twenties (20's) lost in the desert, outside a car reading a map, in the desert 
"Urban LIfestyle" "Youth Culture" Mobile Advertising and LIfestyle Photography by Mike Henry - Shooting two trendy, cool, cute young women, flirting, laughing and smiling and guy at party in artsy loft space.  Mike Shoots Advertising for clothing, denim, apparel, mobile, beer advertising clients
Lifestyle Advertising Photographer, Los Angeles and New York- Mike Henry Photography shoots interesting life style images that seem like authentic, real moments for advertising and apparel clients that shows youth culture in an urban lifestyle enviornment.
Los Angeles (LA) based lifestyle advertising photographer Mike Henry photographs cool, hip urban apparel for Adidas print advertisement. 
Urban women's fashion photographer Mike Henry utilizes his location in Los Angeles, California to help tell photo stories, narratives about the subjects and clothing, apparel, fashion he photographs outdoors in natural lighting, sunlight, sunshine.
Sports lifestyle apparel photographer located in Los Angeles.  
Fun and Edgy Advertising Lifestyle photography in the Desert outside of Los Angeles.  Mike Henry a Los Angeles Lifestyle Ad photographer shot this image with car advertising in mind.  A fun, gruop road trip with a group of twenty (20) year olds, set out in the desert for some fun and good times
Activewear - Sportswear - Lifestyle Photographer - Mike Henry - Shoots Clothing / Apparel / Advertising Photography.  Here you see a couple hiking and camping in the mountains having fun for a sportswear catalog and advertising
Commercial lifestyle photographer for mobile and cell phone advertising located in Los Angeles.  Mike shoots young, urban, cool, hipster and city lifestyle photography for commercial print use.
"Urban fashion lifestyle photographer" for advertising in Los Angeles.  Mike Henry shoots - fashion, lifestyle, advertising, apparel, and catalog photo shoots.  This fashion lifestyle photography shot in LA has a gritty, raw, real, urban, hipster, fun and young feeling to it.
Fashion studio advertising photographer Mike Henry in Los Angeles, shot this image for a denim ad, or look book in LA.  The lifestyle advertising client was a denim jean clothing or apparel company and wanted their advertising to look like portraits of real people wairing their apparel.  Here is one of the photo's from the ad's that ran.
Edgy Beach Lifestyle advertising Photographer, Los Angeles, California Skate Culture, Advertising PHotography, "Beach Lifestyle Advertising Photographer, Mike Henry photo, LA.
Los Angeles Lifestyle Fashion - Apparel - Photographer - Mike Henry shoots for clothing and brands that market to young adults and Millennials.  Mike's edgy, fun, energetic, in the moment images mostly take place in urban spaces and Mike's goal is to shoot for clients like Vans, converse, levis, tilly's, Urban Outfitters, free people and american eagle (AE)
Lifestyle advertising photographer Mike Henry shoots urban, young, fun, life style, of hip and cool, outdoor partying or house in the Los Angeles (LA) area for lifestyle print ad campaign.
Lifestyle, Advertising, Photographer, Los Angeles, California, Dallas, NY, New York, Chicago, Print, Photo, Ad, Catalog, Mike Henry, San Francisco, Natural light, 
Los Angeles lifestyle advertising photographer Mike Henry shoots young adult life, culture, and apparel in the urban setting of downtown Los Angeles (LA).
 Los Angeles Fashion Lifestyle Photographer, "womens Fashion Photographer" lookbook Photographer, Mike Henry in Los Angeles